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58 days ago
Meerkats said 291 days ago:
I have seen the one on the I pad of Lincoln, from far away, and the close up is a nude of his wife from the back, very interesting.

I am glad you are both in to seeing artists work, my favourite artist is Alfonso mucha his 1920 posters of women , and the artist of the pre rafelite movement . Orphelia laying in the river, most of them are of the women of 1900. All floaty and beautiful.

Which artists are your favourite?

Perhaps I am a romantic at heart, but love John Constables landscapes....if you look at his trees, you will find he paints no leaves on the front of the trees in the foreground...I am told this is so you can see the form of the trees.......I also like Monet..apparently he painted some of his best works when h had cataracts as the light splintered in his sight and he portrayed that in his water scenes....

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