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5 days ago

I don't have any specific recipes for you Linda, but you can substitute your sugar to make cakes and such with other products like Splenda.
Switch cooking in butter and oils to canola oil and olive oil... You have to be careful with olive oil because it has a different smoke point so it is not good for cooking many foods but olive oil and some lemon juice make a good salad dressing. and in many Mediterranean countries they don't put butter or other spreads on their bread but instead dip it in olive oil.
Season with herbs and spices rather than salt.
Fill your plate with mostly plant based foods.. fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts ... almonds are very good for snacking.
Beware low fat foods because often they increase the sugar to make up for lack of fat.
Try to make things yourself rather than use tins and jars and packets. that contain high amounts of sugar and salt, I like to freeze left overs in single person portions. That way if I don't feel up to cooking I still have a healthy meal in the freezer. Vacuum packing salads in jars helps it stay fresh longer. I have found this a good way to have more salads throughout the week. I had to buy a vacuum packing machine that had a hand held part and a extra piece for jars to do it, but have found it was worthwhile.
Switch white pasta and rice to brown and white bread to whole grain. Check the ingredients in wholegrain though as some bread says it is but it's really not healthy still. The whole grain part should be the first ingredient.
Eat more fish and avoid red meats as much as possible
Remember that many vegetables are still sweet. Carrots, sweetcorn, peas etc so they should be in moderation just like fruits. Green vegetables are usually a better bet.

hope this helps
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3 days ago

PinkPuppy said 6 days ago:
No that's right it's not just about the sugars it's the carbs too some diet foods are worse and often foods that say diabetic on it you often find are not good either, it was an eye opener when I started looking at the labels years ago now for james

I think this is probably why I have such a hard time with porridge and shredded wheat!

I've been reading through the other posts and the blood sugar levels and the hba1c results, hope that's the right one! I'm pre-diabetic as my levels were in the 30's, can't remember now but 2 results placed me with the same diagnosis. My fasting blood at home ranges between 5.9 on a good day to 6.7 on a bad day.

Towst your tips are great thanks. I don't think we eat enough veggies or fish especially as DH hates the smell of fish cooking. He's a bit late cookng tea tonight but is doing chicken curry from scratch. I don't have a lot of rice and basmati is supposed to be the better of the white varieties 😊
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3 days ago

I have taken note of your suggestions Sarah, thanks, I go for a check on the 30 June so let's see if I have made progress in these past 2 weeks with diet and pushing it back.

I do have 2 weetabix with fruit like strawberries and blueberries, and fullfat milk, why Su2ie do you have a hard time with weetabix. Can you explain.? X
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3 days ago

Porridge is one of the best things for diabetics they say.
Oats & cinnamon are really good
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1 day ago

Suzie I always cook fish in the oven. Season it and add lime or lemon juice or chill sauce wrap in foil and cook for 14 mins on reg 7

Doesn't give off a fishy smell - well I don't think it does

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