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Valentine Box Card


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Wednesday, 8th February 2017

This is a nice little stash buster as you can use any dies or punches or stamps that you already have to decorate the card and use up some of those little pieces of card and paper that you’ve been saving up “just in case”. Even the acetate strips are cut from packaging. I have made a Valentine card but the basic card can be adapted to suit any occasion.



Step 1

Score A4 sheet of card at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm from one short edge. Score card at 7cm from bottom long edge of card. Trim 7cm from top long edge of card, reserving the cut off piece. See template: score along red dotted lines and cut along blue solid lines, discarding shaded areas.

Step 2

The small strip left on the right hand end of the card forms the flap for gluing the card together. Cut off the top part of the strip above the score line and shape the remaining section to forma tapered flap. Snip from the top down to the central score line along each of the four panels to make the flaps of the box. Fold the two side panels into the centre so one edge overlaps the flap, apply double sided tape to the flap and glue down to form the box shape.

Step 3

Fold three of the flaps down and decorate with 6cm squares of decorative paper and add another square to the upright back section. Back the reverse of this upright section with a 6x13cm piece of contrasting card or paper to keep it straight and form the space to write your message on. Decorate the lower panels with die cuts.

Step 4

Take the two divider pieces and fold along the score lines so that one tab is bent forward and the other backwards. Check for fit inside the card, then stick them in place across the inside of the card. Re-fold the card to make sure it still folds flat for posting.

Step 5

Take your die cuts, stamped images or other decorations and cut small strips of acetate. Plan how you want them to fit in the card. Some will be fixed inside the front of the card, some on the dividing strips and some inside the back panel to give depth. Glue one end of a strip of acetate to a shape and fix the other end inside the card, working from back to front.

Step 6

The card folds flat for posting and will fit in a standard 155mm square envelope.