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Tissue Pouch


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Thursday, 20th October 2016

A packet of tissues is an essential in anyone’s handbag, but they are let down by the unattractive packaging. This quick little project uses pretty cotton fabric resulting in a sweet little pouch to pop into your bag. Make it in vintage inspired fabric for a traditional feel, or more modern geometrics for a more contemporary vibe. Adding decoration is the fun bit – although I have used buttons, you can embroider a name, stitch on ribbon, add a fabric rosette – just keep the embellishment flat so that it doesn’t snag inside your handbag.

I created this quick make as it is ideal for making for upcoming craft fairs or school fetes, and can be given many different looks depending on the fabric selected.



Step 1

Cut one rectangle in the main fabric (I used the green background floral) and another in the lining fabric (here I used the paler rosebuds fabric), each 15 x 20cm.

Step 2

Sew all round using a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a 6cm gap on one longer side. (Use a matching thread - I used black only to show the line of stitching.) Cut the corners diagonally to reduce bulk. Turn inside out and press.

Step 3

Slip stitch opening, so that the thread is invisible.

Step 4

With right sides (the green background) together, fold over 5cm on one edge, then the other. The edges should overlap by 2.5cm. Pin in place.

Step 5

Stitch though all thicknesses at the narrow ends. Turn inside out so that the green fabric is uppermost.

Step 6

Now comes the fun bit! Arrange some buttons at one end of the pouch, and stitch them on. Using an odd number works better than an even number, and try to ensure the buttons give a good contrast against the fabric.


Now you are ready to pop a packet of tissues inside.