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Decoupage Storage Box


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Wednesday, 24th May 2017

Here's a decoupage storage box that I posted on the forum.

- Old storage box (mine was an old video storage box that is held together with press studs so flattens out conveniently for painting)
- Paper napkin (eBay)
- Tester pots of paint (mine were £1 each from Wilko)
- Masking fluid (only necessary if box has metal fittings like mine)
- White gesso (or primer/undercoat)
- Paint brushes (one large flat brush for painting, one small artist’s brush for separating the images, one foam brush for the Mod Podge)
- Mod Podge (I used Satin finish)
- Clingfilm or plastic wrap from magazines
- Spray Varnish


Step 1

My box has metal corner pieces, press studs and label holder so to keep them paint-free I painted the metal fittings with a coat of masking fluid and allowed it to dry. I then painted the box with a coat of gesso to help the paint stick well. Once that was dry I gave it two coats of paint. I tried to match the background of the napkin as closely as I could for the base of the box, and painted the lid in a contrasting colour.

Step 2

Use a wet paintbrush to outline the individual motifs from the napkin then gently tear them out. This will give a softer edge to the images which blends more easily into the background rather than cutting them out with scissors. Do not separate the layers until after cutting them out as single ply tissue is very fragile.

Step 3

Lay out the images on each side of the box to decide on the layout then taking one at a time lay it face down on a slightly larger piece of clingfilm or plastic wrap and coat the back well with Mod Podge. Position it on the box and use the plastic to stretch it into place and gently rub out any wrinkles with your finger. This also smooths out the dimples at the edges of the napkin. Use a clean bit of plastic for each motif.

Step 4

Once the motifs are all dry, coat the box with two more layers of Mod Podge, allowing it to dry completely between layers. Dry overnight then finish with a coat of varnish to protect the project. Once thoroughly dry, gently rub the masking fluid off the metal fittings and reassemble the box.

TIP: I found the slightly thicker plastic bag from a magazine was better as it didn’t scrunch up as much as clingfilm does.