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  Welcome Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Introduce yourself
Say hello and introduce yourself!
40 365 63 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Goose
[hlTopicImage] Rules
Please read these rules, for everybody's benefit
1 1 795 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Help
Confused? Have a question to ask? Have a look in here!
15 103 80 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maritrez
[hlTopicImage] Suggestions
Got any suggestions for the website? Please let us know in here!
14 165 11 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Announcements
See the latest news about My Makes here!
15 114 26 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy

  Chat & Fun Stuff Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Chit chat
Chat about non craft related stuff!
131 6828 19 mins ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maryliz
[hlTopicImage] Games
How about some forum games?
9 4152 20 hours ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maryliz
[hlTopicImage] Challenges & Competitions
Come and have a go!
11 242 18 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Goose
[hlTopicImage] A Round of Applause
Challenge winners, member of the month, etc
18 178 117 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] purplelisa
[hlTopicImage] Thank You's
Show your appreciation here!
64 388 2 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maritrez
[hlTopicImage] Swaps
See what swaps are going on and join in!
30 573 2 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] CarolynF

  Crafts Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Paper craft
Discussions about paper craft
76 564 19 hours ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] CarolynF
[hlTopicImage] Knitting & Crocheting
Discussions about knitting and crocheting
196 1751 1 day ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] purplelisa
[hlTopicImage] Jewellery
Discussions about jewellery
8 75 51 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] beadmanz
[hlTopicImage] Sewing
Discussions about sewing
79 770 18 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maritrez
[hlTopicImage] Painting & Drawing
Discussions about painting and drawing
58 432 11 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Photography
Discussions about photography
13 114 43 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] CarolynF
[hlTopicImage] Toy Making
Discussions about toy making
1 19 244 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maryliz
[hlTopicImage] Woodwork
Discussions about woodwork
15 124 59 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Glasswork
Discussions about glasswork
4 39 489 days ago
[hlTopicImage] Flower Arranging
Discussions about flower arranging
2 23 671 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Serendipity2
[hlTopicImage] Cooking & Baking
Discussions about cooking and baking
37 298 38 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] purplelisa
[hlTopicImage] Scrapbooking
Discussions about scrapbooking
2 8 714 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Other Crafts
Discussions about any other crafts
148 1237 3 hours ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Meerkats

  Selling Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Costing
Discussions about costing when selling
2 35 625 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] knittingqueenuk
[hlTopicImage] Craft Stall Layout
Discussions about laying out a craft stall when selling
1 23 289 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maryliz

  Media & Events Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Books & Magazines
Discussions about books and magazines
3 37 522 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Towst
[hlTopicImage] Craft Fairs & Other Events
Discussions about events
5 20 144 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] CarolynF
[hlTopicImage] TV Shows
Discussions about television shows
7 56 312 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Lindylo
[hlTopicImage] Craft Courses
Discussions about craft courses
1 8 406 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Crafty nannie
[hlTopicImage] Craft Clubs & Meetups
Discuss craft clubs and meet ups
1 8 528 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Blogs
Post up your favourite crafty blogs here!
2 7 622 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] moontiger

  Wanted and Offers Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Wanted
Tell people what you're looking for. Perhaps somebody has one to offer you!
1 9 766 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Purple Cobwebs
[hlTopicImage] Offers
Got something to offer? Tell others and perhaps they'd take it off your hands!
6 48 8 mins ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maryliz

  Tutorials Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Sock Snowman
Discussions about tutorial "Sock Snowman"
1 8 143 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maritrez
[hlTopicImage] Decoupage Candle
Discussions about tutorial "Decoupage Candle"
1 2 596 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Goose
[hlTopicImage] Christmas baubles
Discussions about tutorial "Christmas baubles"
1 10 290 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maryliz
[hlTopicImage] Tissue Pouch
Discussions about tutorial "Tissue Pouch"
1 2 638 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Goose
[hlTopicImage] Tunisian Crochet
Discussions about tutorial "Tunisian Crochet"
1 5 650 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Su2ie
[hlTopicImage] Birthday Banner Card
Discussions about tutorial "Birthday Banner Card"
1 4 723 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] CarolynF
[hlTopicImage] Corner To Corner Blanket
Discussions about tutorial "Corner To Corner Blanket"
1 4 143 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maritrez
[hlTopicImage] Valentine Box Card
Discussions about tutorial "Valentine Box Card"
1 5 497 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Towst
[hlTopicImage] Plastic Canvas Santa
Discussions about tutorial "Plastic Canvas Santa"
1 3 227 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Zipped Pouch
Discussions about tutorial "Zipped Pouch"
1 1 226 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy
[hlTopicImage] Decoupage Storage Box
Discussions about tutorial "Decoupage Storage Box"
1 8 143 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] maritrez
[hlTopicImage] Upcycling a Notebook
Discussions about tutorial "Upcycling a Notebook"
1 3 227 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] Towst

  Discounts Threads Posts Last Post Last Poster

[hlTopicImage] Discount code exchange
Discussions about discount "Discount code exchange"
12 21 68 days ago
[hlLastPostAvatarImage] PinkPuppy