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803 days ago
This is a forum for all ages, so no foul language or offensive images.

It is a friendly forum, so please be kind and helpful to others and treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself. Any abuse, foul language or bullying will result in being banned from the forum.

Multiple repeat threads are not allowed and will be classed as spam.

Members can not use the same forum name as an already existing member.

Any makes you claim to be your own and are found to be someone else's will be deleted or a warning will be sent out.

Anyone wishing to host a swap must pass it by us first and join the list.

Anyone wanting to do a tutorial will need to first check with us and then send us the full details once the item has been passed.

Members cannot decide what rules are to be made, this is down to the owners and moderators only.

If you wish for an upcoming event to be added to the calendar please message us so we can add it to the calendar for you.

Any content posted by users of this forum is the sole responsibility of the user and the website owners do not take any responsibility.

New rules may be added at any time.

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