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Christmas baubles


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Saturday, 22nd October 2016

Get into the Christmas spirit by making these Christmas baubles!



Step 1 - Marking ball

Using compass divide ball into 8 sections.

Step 2 - Cutting sections

Carefully and slowly use craft knife to cut sections going about 1 cm deep.

Step 3 - Covering ball

Cut material into rectangles slightly longer and wider than each section.

Lay material on ball and gently push material into the cut line using a bank card or something similar - I actually used a phone top up card.

Step 4 - Neaten each section

Using sharp scissors trim off any excess fabric. You can see red fabric cut back and green to do. Complete all sections.

Step 6 - Ribbon attachment

Cut 4 lengths of ribbon and put a pin in half way along. Then push into ball but not all the way. Bring the ends up to the top and secure with a couple of pins. When you are happy push original pin on bottom all the way in.

Step 7 - Hanger

Make a loop to hang the bauble up and secure with 2 pins.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing your pics!