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Plastic Canvas Santa


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Wednesday, 20th September 2017

- Plastic canvas 7 holes to the inch
- 2 small googly eyes
- Small red Pom Pom
- Large white Pom Pom
- White felt glue
- Red and pink DK wool
- White eyelash wool
- 6mm red ribbon


Step 1

Cut out 3 squares with 10 holes on all sides.

Step 2

Using 2 strands of red yarn fill in 2 squares with half cross stitch. The third square needs to be half pink and half red leaving corners unstitched.

Step 3

Add eyelash yarn between red and pink and push ends through the hole left unstitched and secure on back.

Step 4

Whip stitch around face in pink and two sides of one square in red - this finishes off the edges.

Put "face" on top of a red square wrong sides together and whip stitch in red the top (hat). Make sure this is not the square you have with stitches.

Step 5

Next bit is a little tricky third square goes between these two and you whip stitch only red part. Make sure the two sides whip stitched match up with pink face

Cut out a beard in white felt and glue round pink edges. Add eyes and Pom poms. Add red ribbon for hanger.

As an alternative use white wool on all 3 squares add some black pipe cleaners and voila.

The mouths can open so you could put a chocolate coin in.

For Easter make one in yellow with an orange Pom Pom for nose and it's a chick - pop a little chocolate egg in its mouth.