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Windfall fruit

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349 days ago
Don’t clear up windfall fruit just yet, it’s great for butterflies fattening up them selves for winter. John was out in the orchard today, and this is what he captured.

A red admiral butterfly. Feasting on an Asian pear. I have two of these trees and all sorts of bees birds and butterflies love the windfalls. X
Crafty nannie
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Crafty nannie
348 days ago
Nice pic linda , our garden is the same as Jim does everything for nature
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347 days ago
Linda this is a beautiful photo!

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345 days ago
We have an apple just like that - but no butterfly...😤
Maybe it's something to do with the torrential rain...

Lovely pic, though.
And good advice.
And another excuse for being lazy even when the rain stops! 😁

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