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How to change colour taking the yarn behind the work

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274 days ago

Change colour on the 3rd crochet.

Photo of the inside of the bell keep yarn at the back of work and carrying over when the 3rd stitch is reached.

So that is how the front and back of the bell looks by carrying over the colour at the back and not pulling the yarn tight. I will show picture of finished bell on the knitting and crochet thread. For Lyndsey wh has asked for this I hope you can understand and Louise and James approve . Please change this over too tutorials if you can for me . Thanks for doing this. But I think this was most urgent for our friend in Australia. Linda x

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273 days ago
oh thank you Linda I'm a visual learner so I understand now, I appreciate that a lot 😊. I'm busy crocheting bells I love it now. tomorrow I'll try one this way, xx
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267 days ago
Well done, Linda.
Very clear!

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