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Table covering

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1656 days ago
I've always used a white sheet if my items where dark colours as then they stand out and we all tend to have a good double white sheet.

If I'm doing one at Christmas I use green or red or gold as I have huge table clothes in all 3 colours.

I use boxes on top of the main cover then cover them in a constrasting colour so I can give different levels on the table for certian items.

Also don't forget lots of safety pins and tuck in your ends around the legs as you don't want anyone stepping on drapping fabric and pulling everything down which can be a legal liability as well.

If your make your cloth just reach the floor you can hide your stock boxes under your table and keep it nice and neat and safe.

Some places I've had the extra large pinboard behind my stall which I've simply covered and then hung the more expensive things from. ie things I don't want stickie, icecream fingers touching and making dirty or disappearing. Yes you can get thevies at craft fairs 😢 as well as dirty sticky handed children touching everything.

When that happens it can really spoil the day for you. 😢

I don't do craft fairs anymore due to all the extra work involved and the fact some are badly advertised, or are filled with bought in items from abroad with people looking for a very cheap bargin or looking at a way to waste an odd half hour.

I decided it wasn't worth it any more and decided to let my Liability insurance run out and stop doing them expect for once a year in the village where I'm covered under the venue's Liability insurance which is extremely rare now.
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1656 days ago
Thank you for all the information, that's all very handy 😃
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1239 days ago
I used to do the Craft Fayre runs when younger and when driving, with a friend...yes, the idea of pinning the corners of a cloth are very good as so easy as a trip hazard otherwise....If you can possibly have a small table to demonstrate something it certainly draws the peoplein....I did that once with quilling and also tea bag folding for cards..I was predominantly selling cards at that time and my painted porcelain....at the time also I photographing my my paintings to usw as pictures for notelets, but probably they are "out of fashion" now, but a useful way of advertising your paintings etc...A board for pinning things....(silk scarves were my friends work, draped across made a good setting if you can manage it.....we used black peg board I remember...

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