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Big Baby and Billy Bookcase Dollhouse

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6 days ago
MANY, many years ago I used to make furniture and rooms for Trezzie's Little Ponies and Barbie dolls.

So, pathetic I know, but some years ago I then bought myself some bargain sets of Dollhouse furniture at Sue Ryder, 1/12 scale.
I aimed to clear a couple of craft shelves and set up a dollhouse in them.
'Fat chance,' said Harry.

So I decided to buy a half-size Billy Bookcase, from Ikea, and set it up in the hall.
'To amuse Rowan', I said.
'Aye, right' said Harry.

So here it is, and after so many year, I have begun to set it up.
This is the first arrangement - looking rather sparse, but now I can see what I still need.

Dressed an ancient Baby Doll I've been hanging on to for years too -
it was still in the packet and my son Damien had a fit because he said it was probably WORTH MONEY and I should have advertised it on e-bay!!
He's like that.

However here it is . It is far too big . Probably would suit a Barbie.
But there you are.
It is cosy at last and I am happy.

Crafty nannie
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Crafty nannie
5 days ago
Great idea MT , I hope it gets played with lots , I bet you are enjoying putting it together . πŸ˜‰
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4 days ago
Looks great mt have fun finding more bits to add to it.xx
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17 hours ago
It’s fab MT. Such a lovely idea. x

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