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895 days ago
purplelisa said 898 days ago:
Very nice purplepixie do you have any tips for candle making I have got a kit but haven't tried it yet.x

Hi Lisa, I use soy wax for my candles as it's cleaner & burns better. I attach my wick to the glass votives with a glue gun. You can melt soy wax in a microwave. Wait for it to cool a bit before adding fragrance of your choice. I melt my wax in plastic measuring jugs (can buy them real cheap) as it's easy to then pour into votive or mould. Make sure you have right wax for the job. Container blend is designed to cling to the votives or container of your choice, whereas if you are using a moulds you need pillar blend as it shrinks away from sides slightly for ease in getting candle from the moulds. Around 280grams of wax will fill two votives. Hope this helps. Any problems then please feel free to ask 😁 I can make one & take pictures as I go if that will help at all? X

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