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My two grand children

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905 days ago
Meerkats said 905 days ago:
It is so strange Gabriel, Toby and Molly plus myself all have a birthday on the 5th of the month, Gabriel in February me in may Molly in July and Toby in August. Would you believe it how numbers work out its amazing. X

Oh wow that is funny very rare id imagine
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903 days ago
Great picture, your grandchildren look very grown up.

with our family it's the 14th of the month for recurring birthdays, then Alia's is the day before thanksgiving, my husband the day after and my brother in laws family, the mom, her daughter and her daughter's daughter have birthday on the exact same day and month. The local newspaper has tried to run the story a few times but the daughter doesn't want to be in the limelight.

When I was a child the number 22 used to re-occur all the time too.... Still none of those numbers have ever won the lottery for me 😁

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