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for crafty people

Organiser drawers makeover

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Crafty nannie
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Crafty nannie
28 days ago
This is ikea drawers I have been using for about 20 years , being out of action with my ankle I decided to give them a makeover .
Sorry I forgot to take before pics but they were plain wood
. .

The decoupage papers are not perfectly smooth , but it’s a bit limited doing it on your knee in a Recliner chair 🤣.

The papers came free With a magazine some years ago , so not much co ordination either , who cares , I am happy enough x
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27 days ago
They look fantastic!!
Super work, Liz!!
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25 days ago
They look great xx
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20 days ago
Super! Love the chalkboard labels too, what a good idea!
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12 days ago
Fantastic. They look great.

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